Trudeau: there is evidence that the Ukrainian plane was shot down by Iranian missile

Trudeau Iran crash
Trudeau Iran crash

Canadian Prime Minister said he has information that the Ukrainian -800 that crashed in was shot down by an Iranian .

The Canadian ruled that with this fact his country broke diplomatic relations with Iran; However, he stressed that he will ask for a thorough and joint investigation, as 63 Canadian citizens died.

“This plane was shot down by an Iranian . I do not see why Canada would have some difficulties, what we are going to try to do is to jointly investigate what really happened,”

, Canadian Prime Minister, told in a conference.

He said the version comes from Canadian sources and other countries, which he refused to disclose.

“What we have so far is this version, now the relations we have with that country are not at risk ; however, we are asking for a thorough investigation. “We are asking to have enough elements and to have a thorough investigation and to be shared with experts in the areas,” he added.

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