New sanctions against Iran have already come into force: Trump


President Donald Trump announced Thursday that the new sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran after the Tehran missile attacks on bases that house US troops in Iraq are already in force.

Trump had promised on Wednesday, in a speech to the nation, “additional punitive sanctions ” to Iran in retaliation for the missile attack, seen by experts as a first moderate response from Tehran to the assassination of Iran’s chief general, Qasem Soleimani, in an American attack with drones in Baghdad .

According to the Pentagon, 11 missiles fired by Iran reached the air base of Ain al Asad (west) and one of Erbil (north), used by US forces and allied military.
Iran is affected by sanctions: Trump

With these sanctions , Washington’s response, which was not accompanied by military measures, was seen as a sign of Donald Trump’s willingness to appease the escalation of the conflict with Iran.

Trump finally said that Iran is very affected by the sanctions and said that “it can strengthen the economy of his country very quickly if they wish. We will see if they negotiate or not,” the president added.

Tensions between these two nations have caused reaction among diplomats around the world; This Thursday, through a letter, the chief of the General Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces , General Jonathan Vance, informed that his country’s army will temporarily move its prominent soldiers in Iraq to Kuwait, for security reasons.

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