‘Sully’, the guide dog of former US President George HW Bush who ‘veils’ his coffin

'Sully', the guide dog
'Sully', the guide dog of former US President George Bush Sr., rests in front of his coffin Sunday in Houston. EVAN SISLEY AP

Sully , the guide dog that has accompanied former US President George HW Bush, will travel from Texas to Washington on Monday with the ex-president’s family aboard the presidential plane to bid farewell to his owner in the capital, where he will be exhibited. a burning chapel under the dome of the Capitol. George Bush Sr., who occupied the White House between 1989 and 1993, died last Friday at age 94 after long suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The spokesman for the family of former president, Jim McGrath, published on Sunday in his Twitter account a photograph of the farmer in front of Bush father’s coffin in Houston, in the State of Texas. “Mission accomplished”, you could read in your message on this social network.

The national tribute to George Herbert Walker Bush begins on Monday after the transfer of his coffin on the presidential plane, offered for the occasion by the president of the United States, Donald Trump. Like Gerald Ford (deceased in 2006), Ronald Reagan (2004) or Richard Nixon (1994) before him, the 41st American president will be buried according to the state funeral protocol, organized with military precision by the Pentagon.

Bush Sr. said he did not vote for Trump in 2016 and called him “pretentious”, but the current tenant of the White House intends to pay him all the honors. He asked that the presidential Boeing 747, dubbed Air Force One when the president is on board, go to look for the coffin in Texas to take it back to Washington. 

The coffin will be displayed in a burning chapel under the dome of the Capitol from Monday night. An honor guard will watch him continuously for more than 37 hours, day and night. On Wednesday, the day of national mourning, funerals will be held at the National Cathedral in Washington, as in the case of Eisenhower, Reagan and Ford.

The death of Bush Sr. came on Friday, a few months after the death of his wife, Barbara, with whom he was married for 73 years. She died last April. Together they had six children,  including a former president and a presidential candidate. The nonagenarian  suffered from a form of Parkinson’s that had placed him in a wheelchair. Sully had been camping since last June. “A great joy to welcome home the new member of our family, Sully, a beautiful and well trained Labrador of America’s Vet Dogs. I can not be more grateful, especially for his commitment to our veterans, “he tweeted on June 25 the former president with a photo that showed him, the dog and the ex-president Bill Clinton, who was who succeeded him in the House Blanca in 1994.

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