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On Tuesday, November 6, we will know the results of the 2018 by-elections. If you have not voted before, you can still do so here in Florida until Sunday. And, of course, you can always vote on election day. Each vote must be counted. Including yours.

Now, for those who have already voted (and for those who have not yet done so), their duty is not yet complete. There is more you can do. I stress this because of the importance of these elections.

Come with 5

A few years ago, just after the turn of the century, during a campaign in Florida to reduce and control the number of students in every public school classroom, a state senator named Kendrick Meek, who later became a member of the House. of US Representatives He started a campaign known as “Come with 5”. The idea was simple: you vote, but you also make sure you get five other people to vote. For those who remember, that election became a heavyweight political battle between Meek and his forces against then-Governor Jeb Bush, who opposed the amendment of the number of students per classroom. In the end, the voters of Florida agreed with Meek and voted overwhelmingly to support the limit on the number of students in each state classroom.

The person who helped design and organize the winning campaign “Come with 5″ was a young student at Florida A & M University in Tallahassee. His name is Andrew Gillum, now mayor of the capital of Florida, 39 years old, and candidate for governor by the Democratic Party.

I know that your campaign has begun to use again the idea of ​​”Come with 5” for the last weeks of its tremendously important campaign for the governorship of Florida. And if you wonder why I emphasize “tremendously important”, just see what has happened in recent weeks as a result of a racist, impetuous and out-of-control president who insists on leading this country into a dark hole from which no one can be sure that we can ever leave.

And why Gillum? Because the person against whom he competes, the Republican candidate, is there for a man, Donald Trump. And Ron DeSantis, the Republican, has made it perfectly clear during the campaign that everything the great dad Donald wants, the great daddy will get it – if DeSantis is elected governor.

That is why I insist that you vote for Andrew Gillum for governor of Florida. And since we’re on that, vote for all the Democrats this year. And take another five people to the polling station. They can be members of the family, friends, neighbors … I do not care, but insist on it and have them vote. It is your right, but it is also a duty and a privilege that we can not renounce, especially this year.

And there is a good reason. We must wrest power from a reckless president who seems to be concerned only for himself and for his ego. All the time he is creating enemies and rules based on hatred and fear, which is not a winning combination for the country.

And why the democrats?

Recently I read a very enlightening interview in Mother Jones . David Corn talks to Max Boot, a Conservative curator who writes in his book The Corrosion of Conservatism: Why I Left Right , that “only if the Republican Party, as it is currently constituted, is reduced to ashes will there be any possibility of that a center-right political party resurfaces like a phoenix. ”

And his reason, says Boot:

“I’m ashamed to admit that Donald Trump had to emerge. I was in my conservative bunker, and I thought it was a great defamation against the Republican Party to claim that we were predisposed to racism, or that it is defamation in the United States to claim that the United States is a predominantly racist society. And then Trump came and I realized: ‘Wait a minute. There is a much larger electorate in favor of racism and xenophobia than I thought. ‘ And it made me think: ‘My God. This is the reason why many people are voting for Republicans. ‘”

In other words, there is a loose cancer in American politics and Tuesday’s elections are an opportunity to start surgically eliminating what ails us.

I am optimistic. If people keep voting, as many are doing, I think Gillum will become the first black governor of Florida. But not only that, here we have a young man who preaches hope, love and positive actions to help ALL Floridians face the many challenges we face in the future.

And an interesting dynamic is happening in this electoral cycle, as a result of Donald Trump. Compared to other by-elections, people in Florida seem to be attending in record numbers.

Some Democrats I’ve talked to are worried because the first voters seemed to be favoring the Republicans. Historically, from what I have seen in the past, those figures are matched on the day of the elections and on the last weekend of early voting. But there is also another interesting development that I discovered when talking to not a few Republican friends. Look, these are true Republicans, of the type who subscribe to conservative values, but they hate racism and politics based on hatred and fear.

These Republicans seem to imitate Max Boot. One of my cousins, for example, a Republican with whom I rarely agree on politics, called me yesterday to inform me with pride that, for the first time in his life, he had voted for the Democrats – sometimes without knowing to the people for whom I had voted.

I hope that people are waking up and decide to recover the United States. And as far as I know, there is only one way to do it: VOTING!

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