WWE Monday Night RAW: Relive all fights and results with the appearance of the Big Show

Monday Night Raw Big Show
Monday Night Raw Big Show

Monday Night Raw arrived from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma. The first program of 2020 was attended by Brock Lesnar and the Big Show

The Oklahoma City Chesapeake Energy Arena hosted a new edition of Monday Night Raw. Review all the fights and incidents that took place this Monday during the event.

Brock Lesnar enters the scene

Brock Lesnar enters the first episode of Monday Night Raw of 2020. ‘The beast’, always accompanied by Paul Heyman, jumps while his manager starts his speech. The public booes even more when Heyman mentions that “Lesnar will participate in the 30-man battle in Royal Rumble.”

Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio | Fight for the United States Championship

Rey Mysterio can against Andrade; but, everything is complicated when Zelina Vega appears on the scene. The agile fighter manages to make the count of three, but the woman places Andrade’s booty on the rope and the referee cancels the count. Then, amid the confusion, Andrade takes the opportunity to attack with a Hammerlock DDT. End of combat

The Viking Raiders vs. The Street Profits vs. The OC | Fight for the Raw Couples Championship

In a very entertaining fight, The Vikings Raiders retain their title in pairs after defeating The OC and The Street Profits. Ivar covers Anderson after a huge iron from the third rope. Previously his partner Erik had hurt Anderson to leave him ready for the count.

AJ Styles vs. Akira Tozawa

In a quick fight that served more as a warning to Randy Orton than to fight against Akira Tozawa, AJ Styles achieved a quick and forceful victory with a changed DDT variant as Randy Orton would. He subsequently beat an RKO and the count reached three.

Sarah Logan vs. Charlotte Flair

In a fight that was not one as such, Charlotte Flair took the opportunity to slaughter Sarah Logan. Faced with the inability of the judge to make the wrestlers go up to the ring to fight, Charlotte Flair made all the beating around the ring.

Seth Rollins y AOP vs. Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe y Big Show

In a great fight, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe were incomplete for the triple threat and were supported by the Big Show. The giant tipped the scales in their fight against Seth Rollins and AOP. The first mentioned entered empowered to the ring and swept the house before making the fight official.

Big Show manages to control AOP with its two powerful hands, which act more like claws, and is ready to make a final blow; but, Seth Rollins interrupts with a chair and the fight ends in disqualification. Then the giant is recomposed and along with Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe manage to stay in the ring winners.

The first episode of the ‘red mark’ of 2020 promises emotions for wrestling fans, who may delight in the return of Brock Lesnar to Raw. He would be introduced to the new WWE champion challenger.

The day also includes a triple showdown between The Viking Raiders, Street Profits and The O.C for Raw couples titles. In addition, Andrade will defend the United States Championship against Rey Mysterio, who is looking for a rematch after losing his belt against the Mexican.

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