Don’t fall for cravings! A healthy diet is possible

resisting sugar cravings
resisting sugar cravings

Eating healthy does not have to take time, be difficult or expensive, try the advice that a nutrition expert shares with us to achieve it.

Dr. Mafalda Hurtado , Medical Director of Abbott, recognizes that at any time cravings can make you fall into temptation and make your plan for a balanced diet affected.

“Serving healthy meals is always my goal, but sometimes I have a battle with my children,” given this, the doctor points out that she has learned some tricks so that most of the time, her family and her, have a healthy diet. (With information from Agencies)

Eat enough protein.

If your sugar cravings are in the clouds or you constantly feel hungry, you probably aren’t eating enough protein. Try to include a source of protein in each meal and in your snacks so that you feel full longer and give you the energy you need for your day’s activities.

Drink water

If you think you are hungry, first drink some water because dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger. Drink one or two glasses of water before your meals to avoid overeating. Don’t you like simple water? Add some slices of cucumber, lemon or strawberries to flavor. If you are traveling or have been exercising, have a drink that helps rehydrate.

Preparation Session

Sundays are a good option to prepare food for the week. While the children are busy doing some activity, you can cut and peel the fruits and vegetables they will eat during the week. You can store them in individual containers or plastic bags to make smoothies and juices. Or, prepare salads and place them in containers they can eat for lunch.

Make breakfast takeaway

The rush of the morning can make breakfast time difficult and, in Mexico, a high percentage of the adult population does not eat breakfast or does it too late. Studies show that people who do not eat breakfast end up consuming more calories throughout the day. Dr. Mafalda recommends that you have a simple breakfast during the week, for example, you can eat a cereal high in fiber, or oatmeal, fresh fruit and almond chips.

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