Jayson Tatum, the MVP in Boston Celtics’ victory over the Los Angeles Clippers

Tatum - The MVP
Tatum - The MVP

It was one of those nights. Of those who remember in a couple of months, and even years, you will smile at the pure memory.

went out to , on national television and against a super contender to prove to the NBA and the world that he is ready to storm the league’s stardom . Beyond an All-Star, the 0 of the Celtics was the MVP of the night in a stadium inflamed by the wonderful performance of his young star.

The first part was completely streaks. From 7-0 of the Clippers to 10-0 of the Celtics and from there, everything is even . with a moment on in the first quarter, followed by the passage and finally, with Kemba in a state of grace.

However, Los Angeles exploded the good Leonard who scored at pleasure when he posted early in the possession and then, Montrez Harrell did his thing by finishing with the painting of .

At halftime, led 60-56 with three men over ten points while the Clippers (Kawhi-Harrell) figures split 32 points from Doc Rivers.

The second half was an impressive battle between the best of the best. 48 minutes were not enough to define a winner between the Angels and ians. Tatum was brilliant defending Kawhi, attacking with authority and certain distance, but the resources of and Harrell continued to impose conditions to rescue visitors.

An extension was not enough, with the shot of Tatum who did not enter to win the game. But the last five minutes were dominated with pleasure by some Celtics who finally had the Hayward they needed. Attacking the hoop, effective from outside and with a brilliant game close to settle the 141-133 victory at MVP’s shouts for Jayson.

The forward of the Celtics finished the game with 39 points, 9 rebounds, a steal and a cap accompanied by the maniac , who scored 31 points, caught 4 rebounds with 3 assists and 4 steals. The five headlines ended in two scoring digits to seal this part of the season and make way for the All Star Weekend.

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