Drake and Future: Everything we know about “Life is Good” video

Future and Drake Life is Good
Future and Drake Life is Good

Drake and Future have a new music video and Future may have just given fans their first sneak peek.

In 2015, Drake and Future’s careers were at a high point. The two came from a streak of incredible success, Drake with IYRTITL and Future with their series of Monster mixtapes, Beast Mode and 56 Nights, including their DS2 album.

In that scenario they decided to join forces and create What A Time To Be Alive, a mixtape that was created in less than 2 weeks with the two rappers in Atlanta. Recently they have begun to hear rumors about a second edition and today we will talk about it.

Now, Superfly’s Director X has provided us with another music video where Drake meets the masses. Only this time, he’s one of them. The video for “Life is Good” shows Future and featured performer Drake trying out menial labor for a change. If you’ve ever wondered what Future and Drake would look like as Garbage Men, Apple Peach Store Genii, Car Mechanics, Fast Food Drive Thru Pimps, IT Geeks, Pastry Chefs.

This video is for you. If you haven’t wondered what Future and Drake would look like doing any of these impressions, stay for the gag reel at the end, I guess?

Drake and Future have a new music video and Future may have just given fans their first sneak peek.

They have been teasing fans with potential new music and video rumors, Future let us hear a snippet. Now, we aren’t sure if it’s the same song, “Life is Good,” Drake referenced in his Instagram story earlier this week, but we did get to hear a quick verse from the Canadian rapper: “Virgil got the Patek on my wrist doing front flips.” Could all of this be leading up to What A Time To Be Alive 2?

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Here is what we know so far

Earlier today a behind-the-scenes clip from what fans hope is an upcoming video was passed around on the web. And in December right before Christmas fans were blessed with a teaser of Drake and Future linking up with 21 Savage to shoot a music video in Atlanta. This was shortly after Future posted a snippet from the duo to his Instagram story with the caption “OVO/FBG,” representing both the heavy hitter’s camps.

Drake is so articulate when he raps that’s why he’s so fun to listen to. We allcan hardly understand what future is saying still we give this one a 10! Dark make magic together.

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