Bobby Lashley & Lana Wedding in RAW

Time when Bobby Lashley asks Lana to marry. (Photo: WWE)
Time when Bobby Lashley asks Lana to marry. (Photo: WWE)

To the surprise of the Iowa audience, Lana took out a ring and told Bobby to ask her to marry her. The fighter paid attention to her and she accepted. Liv Morgan crashed the wedding to announce that she and Lana were (previously) in love.

This came near the end of a very long segment. Lana attacked Morgan before Rusev finally appeared to attack Bobby Lashley. (Read more below.) 

There was also a strange angle where Randy Orton faked a potentially career-ending knee injury just so he could give AJ Styles an RKO. 

The show had started off well with a brawl between Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe against Seth Rollins and AOP, as well as an excellent rematch between Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy that won over the live crowd. The show was not good after that.

On Monday Night Raw in Iowa, the public witnessed a romantic hand request. And is that Bobby Lashley and Lana – the couple of the moment – took the next step and already got engaged. Soon they will be husband and wife.

In the red show, Lana and Lashley went out to the ring and she took the microphone to talk about what happened in TLC 2019, when the Negro Black Superman ’beat Rusev in a table fight. Then, to everyone’s amazement, the Bulgarian ex-wife took out an engagement ring.

And seconds later, he told Bobby to grab the hoop and ask him to marry him. But Lashley clarified that “I don’t like being told what to do,” causing the attendees’ surprise. However, it was all part of the romantic moment: “Except you, Lana,” the fighter added.

Then, Bobby knelt and asked for marriage. Lana accepted: “It’s going to be the most beautiful wedding in the universe and it’s going to happen on ana Lana Day.” The two went on to kiss and withdraw from the ring holding hands.

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